PMOLED背板 · PMOLED Backplanes

新视界可根据用户的个性化需求,小批量提供PMOLED 显示屏背板产品,用来评价新材料在显示屏中的性能和摸索其成膜工艺条件。该背板可配合蒸镀型或印刷型小分子材料,聚合物材料或者量子点发光材料。客户由此可获得基于新材料的PMOLED显示屏。

We provide PMOLED display backplanes for evaluating the performanceof new materials in displays and exploiting their film fabrication processes. Evaporation or solution processes is compatible with our pilot line. Small molecular materials, polymer materials and quantum dots luminescent materials can be estimated in our service.


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